The only constant is change – I-Ching Core Principle. Yes, we are living in the world that is constantly changing. That means we change from year to year. According to one of the classical Feng Shui school – Xuan Kong Flying Stars, there are total 9 stars, representing different types of energy are rotating to different sectors each year. That’s why one year is great and the next might tank. It’s one of the reasons many people follow and practice Feng Shui — it helps them to understand why things change from year to year and why things happen in their lives the way they do. Normally we will start the Feng Shui planning months before the “Li Chun” 4 Feb, and that’s when before the energy of next year kicks in.

In 2020 Year of the Rat (Metal Rat Year), the Nine Flying Stars will fly to new positions on February 4th, 2020, the Beginning of Spring. With the position change of the Flying Stars, the auspicious or inauspicious property of the nine directions in home Feng Shui also change. However, you can adjust the Feng Shui layout by changing the nine directions in home, living room or your office. The property of the nine stars at the corresponding directions in 2019, precautions and cures are mentioned below. If you can use the directions properly, you will resolve the bad impact of inauspicious stars and strengthen the benefit of auspicious stars to get auspicious luck and drive away bad energy!

I would like to emphasize about this yearly energy because these are the most potent and current. From all the 9 flying stars that bringing different energies and afflictions, I would like to share about “5 Yellow” star. This is the star has the potential to cause the greatest physical and financial damage.

Perhaps the most dangerous and negative of all Nine Flying Stars. This is the energy that should not be disturbed, triggered or used, as such activities would activate its harmful energies. One may end up in loss of wealth and financial losses, bankruptcy, potential serious health concerns relating to chronic health, internal bleeding or injury, depressive and worrisome, or having to spend excess amounts to treat your injuries or health. Remember: your health is your wealth.

Make sure you take to understand the floor plan of your home, so that you know where the 5 Yellow has landed. In 2018, it landed on North, and in 2019, it moved to South West — where it is at home and is the most dangerous. In 2020, it will be in the East, and in 2021 it flies to the South East. It is most serious when this star lands in your bedroom, front door, or home office. Below is an example of 2020 yearly bad sectors chart I plotted for my client’s factory. I hope I’m able to help my client to have a greater clarity on the Feng Shui afflictions.

I also want to extend my offer to help everyone. So if you are interested to get this 2020 Sha-Chi chart for your home or office, our team is standby to assist you. There will be minimal charges of USD 12.90 (RM49.90) to plot out which sectors are the major Sha-Chi for your property.

With this small amount, it may help you to avoid thousands or million dollar’s worth of losses, in case the 5 Yellow is triggered. Click this link to speak to our team, and we will advise you how to mitigate and reduce the negative impacts of the 5 Yellow.


The Five Yellow is an Earth element affliction occupies 45 degrees of the compass. Therefore, its influence covers a large area of space in your home or office. The Five Yellow is worst when it’s located at important areas, particularly the front door, an office (if you have a home office in an afflicted sector), and your bedroom, or where there is Fire sector. In 2020 particularly, there is another Ji Capital Sha is overlapping with this 5 Yellow, this has DOUBLE INTENSITY of disaster energy of this 5 Yellow

• 5 Yellow causes severe hardship if it flies to kitchen, fireplace, or water heater
This may cause health problem to you or lack of energy to handle the excessive work.

• 5 Yellow causes injuries or health issue if it flies to bedroom
If you have a 5 Yellow in any of these areas of your home, this is not a good time for extreme sports like motocross, skydiving or other dangerous activities because they could cause serious injuries. Potential serious health concerns relating to chronic health, internal bleeding or injury, depressive and worrisome.

• 5 Yellow can cause problems with money if it flies to your main door
This means in addition to problems with health, you should keep a very close eye on finances as well. Double intensity of problems if you have your main door that is in the sector of the 5 Yellow. Unless you have a big bright hall in front of your house.


1. The remedy to suppress the Five Yellow is based on the Five Element Theory.
To exhaust earth energy, you add metal, making an all-metal, six-rod wind chime or 5 Element Pagoda a perfect way to exhaust the five yellow.

2. If the Five Yellow is at your front door, it would be wise to add a six-rod metal wind chime next to the door or place 5 Element Pagoda at the doorway.
Besides, please make sure your front door is clear of objects, rubbish, unused items.

3. Keep the area quiet and DO NOT HACK / NAIL here as this would trigger the Five Yellow.

4. If the Five Yellow is in the bedroom, you may consider to change room!
Otherwise, 5 Element Pagoda is a wonderful remedy.

5. And absolutely at all costs AVOID having lighted candles as this will fully activate the 5 Yellow!


In order to efficiently suppress the energy of the 5 Yellow, the placement of the pagoda have to be precise in specific degree, and to be placed on specific day and hour. By doing so, the effects of the 5 Yellow would be greatly reduced. Let’s hear how this Suppressing 5 Yellow dates is SO important:

I have pre-selected 3 dates for this Suppressing 5 Yellow activities, I will be giving these dates for free, just drop me a WhatsApp and I will reply you the dates (or WhatsApp +6011-1114-1171).

The first date is getting very close now, do message me ASAP if you want to avoid the calamity in 2020!

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