"I'm very grateful for Master Suyen's consult. With her help, I'm able to select the best properties that suit me, even all the way to Vietnam!"

Dato Sri Matthew, KL
Entrepreneur & Businessman
"Such a blessing to meet her, she'd helped me solved lots of issues I had previously. She amplified my business, she amplified my life, she amplified my knowledge. I truly recommend her!"

Mr Moty, Romania
"What a fantastic consult for the past 3 days in Phnom Penh, Cambodia! I am so excited to do the necessary activations recommended by Master Suyen. Surely will recommend her to my friends. Will see you again real soon "

Mr Ratha, Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Business Consultant
"I'd never expect that I could be doing precise divination in such a short time! Master Suyen's teaching methods is easy to apply. I'm happy that I could be part of Master Suyen's student group"

Ms Hazel Yap, KL
Finance Analyst


"Achieved greater life direction upon consultation. Happy and blessed to find such a Master. Thank you Master Suyen, will come back again next 2 months for update on my situations."

Anthony Liew, Penang
Retail Business Owner

"Great Qi Men Dun Jia consult with Master. I enjoyed the little chit-chat sessions I had with her. Most importantly, she gave recommendations and provides alternatives (so that we have a choice). All the items can be found easily and also add on to the aesthetics of our home. Will recomend "

Ally Liew
Banking Specialist

"Master Suyen really enlightened me and help me to see clearer my life path and make me less worried about my future.."

Sheryn Chan, Bangsar
Fashion Director

"My family and I have been working with Master Suyen for more than 5 years already. She is not only professional and dedicated in her work, but at the same time, easy-going, and treats her clients like her friends. Recommended! "

Evon Lee, Penang
F&B Entrepreneur

"Did a consultation with Master Suyen and session was clear and informative. Enjoyed the sharing session, thank you for the tips! Master Suyen is very knowledgeable and gave a very good advice. Will Recommend to friend."

Anthony Tan, Kluang Johor
Senior Accountant

"Master suyen has a motherly look and very friendly. She attended to all questions at the best she can. A fruitful session I had "

Felicia Liu, Singapore
Boutique Businesswoman

"Master su yen is patient and imparted her knowledge to us and gave us a lot of understanding and help towards guidance to our new home! Highly recommend!"

Natalie Chan, Ipoh
Beauty Consultant

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